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1929 $50 Utica National Bank Note

Here’s an example of a 1929 $50 Utica National Bank Note, the Charter Number is 7596. Back in 1929 $50 was quite a bit of money. You could have bought a $20 Liberty Gold Coin, a $20 St. Gaudens Gold Coin and a $10 Liberty Gold coin! Those three gold coins have increased quite a bit in value over the last hundred years compared tot the $50 National Bank Note.

You can still take those gold coins and this National Bank Note to your bank and exchange them for $50 in Federal Reserve Notes, but bringing them to the Newark Coin Exchange, we’d pay a premium for said coins/notes.

The low serial number A000065A is more common in the higher denominations of National Bank Notes. The National Bank Note is a great way to start collecting currency, many collectors enjoy collecting notes from their home town and surrounding communities. If you have any notes from Utica, Newark, Zanesville, Granville, Mt. Vernon and surrounding communities the Newark Coin Exchange is always buying.

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